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Robo Batcave Playset Kids Playing With Batman Robin Joker CKN

Hi guys, today we are playing with this Imaginext DC Super Friends Robo Batcave.Usually Batman needs to patrol the streets of Gotham City to make sure the likes of the Joker, Scarecrow or Two-Face are safely behind bars. With this Fisher-Price Imaginext DC SUPER FRIENDS Robo Batcave Playset, the Dark Knight will be prepared when his enemies decide to take the fight to him. Three Power Pads scattered around the Robo Batcave activate the Caped Crusader’s secret weapon, the Batbot. Batman can climb inside the Batbot suit to pilot this mechanical sidekick and attach one of three accessories to its arm for a tactical advantage during the next attack. Plus, the projectile launcher lets you protect Batman’s hidden lair from afar, so you can win the battle before it’s even started.
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