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Every Essential Fox Shine Combo (vs Top Tiers)

Tutorial made by Connor:

Free Demo:
Steam Wishlist:

EPIPHANY CITY is a puzzle-adventure game where you use magical picture frames to manipulate the world around you to fulfill a sacred prophecy. Reframe objects to suit your needs in mind-bending ways. Follow Lily, an artist on the brink of despair, as she steals powers from the strongest superhero, leaving it up to her to save the world.

Kira’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/Kira_SSBM

YouTube timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:47 – How Fox’s Shine Works
1:29 – vs Fox & Falco
3:27 – vs Jigglypuff
4:13 – vs Sheik, Peach, Falcon
8:45 – vs Marth
9:31 – Extra Combos (and some things to watch out for)

Link Original