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Am I the only having back pains?????????

I have a buldge disc between my L4 & L5 which I got back in 2017. I must admit before I had this back pain, I never thought how it feels to have a back pain.

I just want to share with you guys my treatment. This was last June of this year in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

I just want to share this if in case you also have the same back pain I am having. It is really very hard to have a back pain because it limits your movements and your activities.

I would say he did a great job. Still, I believe that chiropractic treatment should be a series of treatment.

After the treatment, my whole body was soar and feels so tired that I just stayed in our hotel the whole day.

Please share your thoughts. The treatments you have/had, are you taking some pills.
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