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★ Learn Powerful People Skills & Improve Relationships | Alan C Fox | Love, Marriage Success 2015

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2015, Want better relationships, a healthy partnership , or to find that special someone and the happiness you’ve always dreamed of? Then watch this interview with New York Times Best Selling Author, Alan C. Fox, entrepreneur & founder of a billion dollar real estate empire, and an incredible people person and relationship builder.

Alan C. Fox, known for his People Tools books, has had a successful marriage for over 35 years, and has learned how to cultivate extra-special relationships. But he wasn’t always this successful at love and marriage.

He’s been divorced twice before, and always found himself compromising his values for others.

Until one day, he began looking in the mirror and realizing to change his relationships, he needed to change himself…(Similar strategies to the Law of Attraction and The Secret.)

And that’s when his transformation began.

Filled with laughter, anecdotes, and humorous stories from the heart, in this inspiring interview he covers an amazing range of relationship topics and strategies from how to be the right person, find the right person – and why there’s likely more than one out there! To why the best defense is no defense, and how to keep yourself out of arguments. He even wraps up with a section on raising your kids and as a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, teaching them about building success, money and creating wealth!

Prepare to be motivated and inspired. If you have a relationship, prepare for it to take off for the stratosphere. And if you’re single, to attract that special someone!

Interview Questions:
1. Have you always had success at relationships?
2. What did you learn from your previous relationships before you met Daveen?
3. In the book you talk about many different tools including My Many and Only. Do you think there’s such a thing as a one-and-only?
4. What does it mean to be the right person?
5. What’s the most important thing people should know in finding that special someone?
6. Can we talk about what ended your first marriage, and we feel the big lesson we learned is to work on the relationship you have
7. You share a story about Tool # 8 is it safe, could you share this with us?
8. Is it really always us? Couldn’t it really be the other person?
9. Why do we need to put on our oxygen mask first?
10. Jessica and I often talk about a perfect partner being your mirror, helping you to become a better you. She’s always challenging me to be better.
11. Why is the best defense often no defense?
12. Why is YES the best word?
13. Why is anger a lonely job?
14. Why are cuddles so important?
15. You share a formula Happiness = Expectations – Reality. What does that mean?
16. Why are sharing your values so important in a relationship – and can’t you compromise?
17. Why is truth what you call a long cut?
18. You talk about your dad a lot in the book, he was over 100 years old, still living on his own, and getting out and driving a few times a week. What’s his secret?
19. Why is it important to talk about money
20. What have you discussed about money with your kids?
21. What’s the most important thing parents can teach their kids about relating to other people?

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Alan Fox: Tips to strengthen your relationship || STEVE HARVEY

Steve Harvey welcomes back his friend Alan Fox to discuss Fox’s new book, “People Tools For Love and Relationships.”

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