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Pet Foxes Get Into Everything & Destroy! – How to Fox Proof Your House

Pet foxes tear apart furniture, dig holes and are destructive! Before you get a pet fox, watch Part 2 of 7 – How to Fox Proof Your House in our Ultimate Guide on How to Raise Pet Foxes and Keep Your Sanity! Part 1 of 7 – How to Get a Pet Fox Meet #PetFoxes Gaia and Inali! What’s it really like to have a tame pet fox? See the Secret Life of domesticated foxes. SUBSCRIBE Be sure to turn on all notifications to see when we post new videos.

#TameFox Resources:
Belyaev’s Russian experiment – How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog):

Fox Laws:
(These websites are for general information and may change. Check with the authorities where you live for more information.)

#FurBan #FoxFur belongs to #Foxes – – #SaveFoxes #FurFree
It is unbelievably heartbreaking to hear of and see inhumane treatment and slaughter of innocent and beautiful animals! It angers me to see fur used as fashion! Fox fur belongs on foxes! People would be appalled, as they should if their cats and dogs were used as clothing! Our cause is to help people see foxes as amazing beings living in their own natural wild habitat or as pets from certified and responsible people who raise domesticated foxes. Banning fur as clothing is a feasible and reachable goal – Help spread the word – Share this video

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