Counter Class:【Fox】Tips/Counterplay vs Fox in Ultimate

I think it was finally about time I made this video! A few tips and counterplay for fighting Fox in ultimate. I’m not perfect at explaining but I hope this video definitely somewhat showcases how to fight fox in SSBU better.


2:02 – Dealing with his low percent combos and preventing snowballing
6:52 – Offstage and Edgeguarding
9:55 – Ledgetrapping
12:55 – Not chasing fox in the air + Focusing on whats guaranteed
15:20 – Small tip
17:55 – Match analysis of Me vs Light at Glitch

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Credit to Salo for the edits!



Songs used:
1. [東方自作アレンジ] Broken love [原曲:エキストララブ]
2. [オリジナル] Closed space

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